Aug. 19th, 2012

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[If you walk into the town square, you'll see a very well dressed man. Puffy trousers, puffy sleeves and a most fabulous wig. He looked rather comfortable on this, sunny afternoon with his little afternoon tea set up.

A large round table with a fine lace cloth, delicate china and all sorts of pasties, sweets and fruits. Charles leaned back on his chair, sipping his tea and gives a rather satisfied sigh.]

Well now, this place isn't so bad after all, even if I have to do everything myself. I suppose I could stay a fair while, I'm sure things could do without me for a while. I deserve a holiday after all that fire and plague business.

[And he scribbles on his note pad, a fat cavalier spaniel appears in his lap.]

Awww~! Aren't you the cutest thing? Look at your floppy little ears~

[He lowers his cup to share his tea, the little dog lapping it up happily.]
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Has the place turned into a boat? Does your character feel compelled to talk like a pirate or steal shiny things? Did they show up wearing a stylish hat?


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