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Everyone may post including canon characters, AUs and OCs. Everything they write down becomes real. Please warn for offensive content and link if things turn porny. Thanks.
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And wind-up toys. They cannot be trusted.
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[Balder has been introduced to the cell phone and Angry Birds. But he doesn't find arse-sitting activities to be fun, so he's conjured some birds and is trying to direct them to drop paint balloons on actual pigs for points. It's close enough, right? And it revolves running around like a madman, shouting and waving his arms to try to corral the pigs.]
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Reach out and touch someone!

rescue plz

Sep. 24th, 2012 09:02 pm
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[Loki is halfway up a flagpole, trying desperately hang on and to climb. The reason is obvious: there's a starite hovering just at the top.

Loki seems to be having second thoughts about trying for it, glancing down at the pavement below with some trepidation.]
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Now that summer is over.
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Literal or metaphorical.
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Because many of us return to school soon.
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[Balder is sitting in the middle of the park playing The Poet and the Muse on a lyre to a reception of birds.]

... certainly a song fitting of this place.
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[ A metal box with coils and wires appears. ]

Aw, come on! Trans...for...mer...

[ Another metal box. There seem to be a number of these forming a pile around the young black teen in the park. Still, he's persistent. ]

Transformer! What's the point of these magic notebook whatevers if you can't even get somebody like Optimus Prime?
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Feel free to transform into pirates if you so wish.
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Has the place turned into a boat? Does your character feel compelled to talk like a pirate or steal shiny things? Did they show up wearing a stylish hat?
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[If you walk into the town square, you'll see a very well dressed man. Puffy trousers, puffy sleeves and a most fabulous wig. He looked rather comfortable on this, sunny afternoon with his little afternoon tea set up.

A large round table with a fine lace cloth, delicate china and all sorts of pasties, sweets and fruits. Charles leaned back on his chair, sipping his tea and gives a rather satisfied sigh.]

Well now, this place isn't so bad after all, even if I have to do everything myself. I suppose I could stay a fair while, I'm sure things could do without me for a while. I deserve a holiday after all that fire and plague business.

[And he scribbles on his note pad, a fat cavalier spaniel appears in his lap.]

Awww~! Aren't you the cutest thing? Look at your floppy little ears~

[He lowers his cup to share his tea, the little dog lapping it up happily.]
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[Sitting cross legged outside a cafe, Hildr was scribbling in her pad. Writing the runes for 'DOG' over and over again, until she had 6 hounds of varying sizes and colour. It lifted her spirits to see their wagging tales, and big, bright eyes and smiles. There was nothing more heart warming to her, than to see a happy and loyal dog.]

Now, we shall need to have good names for you...

[So she says-- But she's writing 'dog' down just once more.]


Aug. 14th, 2012 10:02 pm
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[Vamp continued to write the word over and over on his black pad via black pen, wondering how many he could summon at once. You'll find him atop one of the few skyscrapers, legs crisscrossed and knives all around him.]
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[Flattened against the thick tree limb like a cat, Mowgli was in a mild slumber to escape the heat of the day. His strong arms wrapped around his wee cub, keeping her secure against his bare chest with her swaddled in soft, cotton cloth. The moment he felt her weight lift and evaporate, his eyes snapped open.

He looked about himself in feverish panic, his dark eyes wide with fear. He didn't feel her fall and it was then- when his eyes skimmed about himself- he realised this was not his rukh. This was a mans town, larger than he had ever seen. He now squatted in one of only a handful of young trees, that he could see.

Mowgli was in shock, he knew he didn't drop his daughter and it did not feel like she was taken, like he was so long ago. It felt that she had simply evaporated like smoke, Mowgli patted down his chest and wondered if this was some kind of dream.

Until his sharp nose caught that tell-tale scent, it was lingering in the air and the humidity was rising and making him sweat, rain was coming and that was bad. All the scents were going to intermingle and eventually vanish, in exchange for the sweet smell of rain, greenery and mud.

The loin clothed man sniffed at the air, his long blackish blue hair already beginning to glisten slightly, as it caught the infantile rain droplets, he didn't have long to find and follow her scent.

It didn't matter for now, how he had ended up her. He just needed to find his cub quickly.]
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[It had been a long day and the storm was quite welcome, the heavy droplets that rolled down along his his spine, and soaking into his mane to drench him completely was rather refreshing. It made the stallion giddy and feel drunk with joy, his heavy hooves clashed noisily against the pavement the way he bucked, kicked and whinnied his way to the park.

His long elegant tail switched this way and that behind him, as if he were desperately trying to remain balanced. Once those cloven and silvered hooves came into contact, with the lush, fresh grass he throws himself heavily, landing on the grass with a thud on his back, rolling and wiggling like a drowning worm on the grass.

Jezeus was the happiest he had been in a long time, sure the human form was fun and useful, yet nothing compared to his own natural skin, especially when he was rolling it hard against the ground to make his own mud puddle.]


Aug. 14th, 2012 01:05 am
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[If the square seems to be more full of random odds and ends than usual, well... that's because it is.

[And in the middle of the clutter sits a man who looks rather like he just escaped from the Ren Faire. He isn't paying much attention to anything but the pad in his lap, scribbling away with his quill.




[That one got him a plush horse, oddly enough, made of white velveteen with deep blue glass eyes. He stares at the thing in confusion for a moment, before setting it aside and getting right back to it.]
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This week's optional theme: Pets.

My apologies for being absent this week. And for those who have asked, this isn't an exclusive community. Join! Post! Have fun! =)
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This week's optional theme: Storms (metaphorical or literal)

As a general note, you don't have to summon something every time you post if you have some other idea.
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