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Name:Scribble Dressingroom, a Panfandom CR-focused DR
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Community description:A panfandom roleplay where anyone can create anything.
There is a large sign:


By the sign are notepads and pens and pencils for the taking, and surrounding that are wide postboards covered with pictures of all sorts of people of different species and shapes and sizes. The scenery beyond the central square changes once a week, apparently stealing cities from the multiverse just as this place steals people.


When your character writes down any single word it transforms into reality. Write duck and get a duck for as long as you stay. Characters can go home at any time by finding a large floating star called a starite, though it might be hard to get to. (Writing down "starite" won't work.) Feel free to pretend your character has been here before if you want to skip playing their initial confusion, since it's not necessarily hard for characters to go home.

The emphasis here is on unusual and panfandom-friendly posts that let you CR-build and world-build as desired. If you want, say, a certain type of building to be in the town then assume it is. Just don't summon Cthulhu, he breaks everything. Speaking of which ...


1) If things turn sexy, post it elsewhere (like in your journal) and link to it.

2) Warn for upsetting stuff. Not going to make a giant list, just pretend kids are reading this journal and use your own judgement. Edge on the side of caution if you're not sure.

3) Since this is a panfandom DR, you're encouraged to have some information about your character in their profile such as their name, canon and perhaps a picture or short bio for those who are interested.

4) New environments/themes are posted Sundays.

5) You can summon specific people if you have someone to play them. That includes accidents (like summoning someone with the same name or the name of an object).

This is not a closed musebox. You're welcome to just join in and bring your friends!

Anything you want to say about the community? Ideas, problems, etc? You can reply to this post. I can be contacted at bluepard (at) as well.
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