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[Jezeus was laying back cloud gazing on the soft and well-kept grass in the park, his hands behind his head with his long legs crossed at the knees. He didn't mind being a place where you could summon whatever you liked, especially if it wasn't your own magic being used. He had been in this world a while and since he didn't really have a home in the first place, he wasn't feeling very motivated to find his starthing and was quite content to stick around until he was bored with this place.

After a while, his thoughts turned to home. A place he hadn't thought about much since he had been ostracised three centuries ago, naturally it had passed his mind but something always had distracted him, before his thoughts became deep. Reaching up he scratched at the faded star on his forehead, maybe he was wrong to try to buck the system to get his own back at those selfish Elders. He thought he could reason with them and that the others of the herd would see his way of things, but things didn't turn out as planned and he was tossed out on his equine hiney.

At the time, he thought good riddance and drowned himself in the euphoria of freedom and travelling the open roads, eager to see the world and everything that was good in it and right wrongs that came across his path. Yet the more he thought about it the more depressed he became, he hadn't made a dent in anything. Nobility were still a hat full of asses and the poor still suffered because of them.]

Eh.. Maybe it wasn't worth it.

[Especially since he was starting to realise how much he missed his mother, sisters and brothers. So he pulls out his little note pad with a bright lavender quill, sitting up he scribbled a while to make a small snow globe appear. Inside was a lusciously green woodland grove, a small herd of unicorns grazing on the grass and bushes were scattered about inside the little globe. ]

Ah-ha I knew this little scribble trick would actually prove useful!

[He stares into it momentarily, before giving it a deathly hard shake.]
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In order to promote posts, I'm going to try announcing weekly (?) themes for people to post on. These are purely optional.

This week's theme: Memories


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[Balder hasn't bothered to write anything down. Instead he's pakour-ing around the strange city in true viking god prince style, jumping from building to building. He's finding the whole place mismatched from what he knows of Midgard, and he's curious as to why that is. But mostly he's just enjoying himself.]

How marvelous! [He's hanging off a spire, the wind strong enough to almost sweep him off. He looks around for unsuspecting targets to jump down upon.]
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[There's a living shadow slipping along the ground and around the poster boards that welcome newcomers. He reads the welcoming and slips past the notepads.]

Hey, what about those of us who can't hold a pencil?

[The shadow glides around the area for awhile before returning to the square. Well, no one said he had to write his requests on those things, did they?

So the shadow stretches itself out and forms the word DIKDIK. Fortunately, this is interpretted as intended. A little antelope appears and begins wandering around, looking for food. Kieran's voice goes up several octaves due to cuteness.]

Oh no. The tiniest deer. The cutest deer! [If Kieran could melt more than he already was, he would now. Instead he's wrapping himself around an antelope.]
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[Loki has been here before but he's obviously in a more experimental mood this time. Currently the square is being dominated by a unicorn, but not a pretty little thing. It's what looks like giant draft horse with a long, long ivory horn. Somehow, Loki's gotten on top of it.]

Ho! Ha! Stop! Come now, be a good no-long-extinct preternatural equine!

[He pats the thing in an attempt to make it stop clopping every which way it likes. There's a bridle trodden into the dirt so that obviously didn't help. Instead, Loki writes down "oats," and the thing is finally satisfied.

Loki gives a whuff of relief before musing to himself.]

So I can summon species from beyond the grave. I wonder, if I wrote you a girlfriend would the foal be real?
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[Okay, this was intensely weird. Winding up here was intensely weird, the pictures were intensely weird, the fact that he was writing English was intensely weird. But he stopped paying attention to that when he found that writing "POOL" did in fact summon an Olympic-size pool for him to soak his tired and overheated self in. What could be better?

After a moment's thought, he wrote


and stood back and watched.]

Oh-ho yeah! CANONBALL!
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[ He knows very little and writing isn't exactly his forte, but after looking curiously at all the colorful shapes and faces around, his curiosity is piqued and with a pencil in hand he manages to scribble onto one of the notepads. It takes about several failed attempts but he finally writes something coherent.


Of course, the writing was quite bad, but at least it seemed the spelling was enough because a small-looking wolf pup suddenly appears as if out of thin air, and Florian blinks in surprise as it uncurls. He smiles, reaching out to touch the furry thing, laughing when it walked over on all fours to him, brushing against the strange boy's sleeve and licking at his fingers.
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[Lyrl is clutching his head while sitting on a couch of his own making. Around him are the obvious fruits of his attempts at research: a computer, a chicken, a bucket, a cloud(!) and so on.]

It makes no sense.
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Everyone may post including canon characters, AUs and OCs. Everything they write down becomes real. Please warn for offensive content and link if things turn porny. Thanks.
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